Our First Product

B・SYNC ON (former Caffeine Clock)

Traditional strategies cannot target the wake up phase as we cannot consume products during sleep. With our galenic platform technology for a delayed release, we have developed the first clinically tested nutraceutical product specifically targeted to the wake up process. The core contains Caffeine, Vitamin B5 and B12 as well as Zinc. These work together to reduce tiredness and fatigue, boost the mental performance, sharpen the focus and elevate positive mood.

B・SYNC ON is consumed before going to bed but the core formula is not released for 7 hours due to our innovative delayed release mechanic. As a result, they positively influence the natural wake up process. The clinically tested food supplement allows consumers to synchronise their inner clock with their lifestyle and wake up with ease. Perfect for shift workers or night owls, trying to function in an early bird's world.

We are currently in an exclusive pre-launch phase, handing out first products to consumers.
Follow the link below and find out more about B・SYNC ON.

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How it works

Delayed release technology

Intellectual Property

Galventa AG has filed for one nutraceutical patent in early 2021. The patent covers technical, process-related and application-based aspects of our invention. It also contains the study results from our clinical trial. The extended search report came back very promising and we believe the patent will be granted in due time.