Our first product

In development

Pathologically reduced sleep quality and slow wave sleep (SWS; deep sleep) represent cardinal symptoms in patients with neurodegenerative disorders (ND). The sleep disturbances contribute to deleterious disease progression and prognosis. Currently available sleep medication cannot sufficiently promote physiological sleep. To approach this unmet clinical need, Galventa AG aims to develop an innovative sleep medication that restores physiological SWS, particularly in ND patients.

Our galenic formulation features superiority over conventional formulations, including fast absorption, rapid onset of action, reliable bioavailability and excellent galenic properties. In combination with our active pharmaceutical ingredient, we were able to conduct a pilot trial in 20 healthy volunteers with subclinical insomnia. The results revealed very promising properties, pronounced SWS promotion and good tolerability.


Intellectual property

Galventa AG has filed for one pharmaceutical patent in early 2021. The patent covers technical, process-related and application-based aspects of our invention. It also contains the study results from our clinical trial. The extended search report came back very promising and we believe the patent will be granted in due time. In addition, Galventa has acquired a worldwide, perpetual license for a second galenics that was patented in 2021 with highly promising qualities.