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for better nutraceuticals and OTC-products
Join our mission to improve the efficacy of nutraceuticals and
OTC-products through better formulations and clinical validation.
Galventa is a Swiss life science company developing cutting-edge galenic formulations that feature unique release profiles and best-in-class bioavailability.
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Our Offering

At Galventa, we develop patented galenic formulations that can be applied in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.

We believe in synchronizing life's rhythms for optimal well-being and showcase our formulations in our nutraceutical product line through our flagship brand called B · SYNC®. Experience the transformative synergy of B · SYNC®, where innovation meets vitality.
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What sets us apart

Patented Galenic Formulations

Discover our cutting-edge delivery systems, powered by patented technologies that redefine galenic formulations.

Scientific Validation

Every technology undergoes thorough human clinical trials with one of our products to ensure effectiveness, safety, and quality.


Developed by sleep scientists, galenics experts, and neuroscientists.

3rd party tested.


Designed to empower consumers to life in sync with life!

Our team

About Galventa

Founded in 2018 in Switzerland, we are on a mission to improve the efficacy of nutraceuticals through better formulations and clinical validation.
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