Galventa is a Swiss nutraceutical company leading the science for clinically validated nutrition by engineering cutting-edge galenic formulations that feature best-in-class bioavailability and efficacy for consumers.

The nutraceutical space has offered little galenic innovation and most products are not designed to provide best-in-class resorption of any substance. Galventa designs nutraceutical products that deliver on their promise: Addressing the temporal availability of the right dose, our galenics deliver the right amount of substance at the right point in time to maximise efficacy.

Our first product is based on our own life story: We, the founders, find it difficult to get up in the morning and are so-called night owls, who are more efficient in the evening or even at night. In countless situations however, we are required to perform well in the early hours of the day. Accordingly, our biological clock often does not match with our lifestyles. Although a vast majority of the sleep supplements claim to help with wake-up difficulties, we believe that this issue can only be addressed with the right galenics. With our first dietary supplement B・SYNC ON we not only succeed in waking up with ease, but we also adjust our inner clock in a way that it fits our lifestyles.

Our team

Portrait showing Sascha Fritsche
Portrait showing Firat Yerlikaya

Dario Dornbierer

Co founder & CSO
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Portrait Idil Banoglu

Gabriel Lennartsson

Growth Manager
Portrait showing Michael Müller

Michael Bavand

Product Portfolio Advisor
Portrait showing Michael Bavand

Bastian Heer

Co founder & CMO
Portrait showing Bastian Heer

Our advisory board

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Dr. phil II Pasqualine Gallachi

Owner Pharma Distribution Switzerland
Portrait from Dr. phil II Pasqualine Gallacchi
Portrait from Fabian Vaucher

Dr. Marc Linzmajer

Deputy Director Consumer Management HSG
Portrait showing Dr. Marc Linzmajer