About Us
We are on a mission to help you to synchronise your circadian rhythm to improve sleep and waking-up through the development of innovative and clinically tested galenic platform technologies.

Our first galenic formulation is based on our own life story: We, the founders, find it difficult to get up in the morning and are so-called night owls, who are more efficient in the evening or even at night. In countless situations however, we are required to perform well in the early hours of the day. Accordingly, our biological clock often does not match with our lifestyles. With our first dietary supplement B・SYNC ON we not only succeed in waking up with ease, but we also adjust our inner clock in such a way that it fits to our lifestyles. We turn a "night owl" into an "early bird".

Our people

Our team

Sascha holds an MA in Banking and Finance from the University of St. Gallen (HSG). During several years, he gained insights into strategy consulting and banking while working for Helbling Management Consulting, Credit Suisse and Nomura. From 2012 - 2020, he served as CFO for Optotune, an ETH spin-off that grew from very few to two hundred employees within 8 years.

Sascha Fritsche, Co-Founder & CEO of Galventa AG
Sascha Fritsche
Co-Founder & CEO

Dario studied pharmaceutical sciences at the ETH Zurich and received his PhD in the field of sleep pharmacology. In his current part-time postdoctoral position at the University Department of Psychiatry in Zurich, he is investigating the clinical potential of various substances for the treatment of psychiatric disorders. As a result of his work, he has already developed two new products for the pharmaceutical sector and one new product as a dietary supplement.

Dario Dornbierer, Co-Founder and CSO of Galventa AG
Dario Dornbierer
Co-Founder & CSO

Bastian comes with a comprehensive digital background from client consulting roles to managing brands. During several years, he established the digital business unit of an agency while leading digital roadmaps for international clients. In his role as client-side consultant for JTI, he gained in-depth knowledge of global consumer-brand launches and global digital strategies. In his latest role as Digital Marketing Manager at Smood, he spearheaded all facets of the national marketing and ensured triple-digit growth.

Bastian Heer, CMO of Galventa AG
Bastian Heer

Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Science & Technology and a Master of Science in Molecular Health Science. During his studies, he focused on human health and nutrition and was early on intrigued with the research in the supplement industry. While currently completing his PhD in Neuroscience investigating the clinical potential of new substances for treating psychological disorders, he acts as part-time nutrition scientist and product development specialist.

Michael Müller, Lead Product Development of Galventa AG
Michael Müller
Lead Product Development
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Our advisory board

Dr. Firat Yerlikaya, Co-Founder Galventa AG and Managing Director Elixir Pharmaceutical
Dr. Firat Yerlikaya
Co-Founder, Managing Director Elixir Pharmaceutical
Dr. Marc Linzmajer, Deputy Director Consumer Managment HSG
Dr. Marc Linzmajer
Deputy Director Consumer Management HSG
Dr. phil II Pasqualine Gallacchi
Owner Pharma Distribution Switzerland
Fabian Vaucher
President Pharmasuisse
Michael Bavand
Scientific Advisor