Getting up in the morning has never been easier. B・SYNC ON is the world’s first clinically tested wake-up pill, a supplement for sleep inertia designed to support and improve your waking process. Four all-natural active ingredients – Vitamin B5, Vitamin B12, Zinc and Caffeine – are stored in a delayed-release capsule.

Traditional strategies cannot target the wake up phase as we cannot consume products during sleep. With our galenic platform technology for a delayed release, we have developed the first clinically tested nutraceutical product specifically targeted to the wake up process.

Innovative and patented delayed-release technology, combined with a perfect mix of healthy ingredients, ensures you start the day off right. With our galenic delayed-release formulation, B・SYNC ON’s active ingredients don’t kick in until you need them to.

Unlike some supplements, which are designed to kick in right away or release constantly over a long period of time, B・SYNC ON wake-up tablets are formulated to delay the release of any ingredient by around 7 hours. Once that time has passed, the nutrients stored in B・SYNC ON are gradually released, helping you transition with ease from sound asleep to wide awake.
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Clinically tested

In our clinical study in humans we have proved the efficacy and safety of B・SYNC ON. B・SYNC ON can increase your mood and performance throughout the day, while reducing the physical and psychological effects of poor sleep and sleep inertia. Grogginess, drowsiness and cognitive impairment after waking can be successfully reduced through taking B・SYNC ON.
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