Galventa's Wake-up Capsule Wins over the Lions: Multiple deals for B・SYNC® ON on the Swiss version of Shark Tank "Die Höhle der Löwen Schweiz"

November 29, 2023

They came, pitched, and won - that's a fitting description of Sascha Fritsche and Bastian Heer's appearance on yesterday's episode of "Die Höhle der Löwen Schweiz", as the team from Galventa won over all the lions in the celebrity investor round with its wake-up capsule. They received four offers for their innovative wake-up capsule, which supports and improves the wake-up process, and ultimately decided in favor of two lucrative deals.


With their idea of turning night owls into early birds, Sascha Fritsche, Co-Founder and CEO of Galventa, and Bastian Heer,Chief Marketing Officer, received great interest from the Lions. They presentedB・SYNC® ON, an innovative, clinically tested wake-up capsule. The highlight: four all-natural ingredients - vitamin B5, vitamin B12, zinc, and caffeine - are only released7-8 hours after ingestion thanks to a patented formulation, so that its effect can unfold in the morning and naturally support the wake-up process. The product is therefore aimed for all morning grouches who find it difficult to get out of bed.

Four in one go: it's raining offers for Galventa. B・SYNC® ON received positive feedback from all the Lions. The young entrepreneurs are particularly hoping for support from Felix Bertram in expanding their sales channels. "It gives me great pleasure to promote and support young entrepreneurs. I was absolutely convinced by Sascha and Bastian's pitch and I see great potential in B・SYNC® ON because almost everyone knows the feeling of not getting out of bed in the morning. As a doctor, I was also convinced by the results of the clinical study onB・SYNC® ON, which was even published in Nature’s Scientific Reports. During the discussions after the program, it quickly became clear that I could contribute, particularly in the area of marketing. Together we want to open up various new sales channels," says Felix Bertram.

Sascha Fritsche and his team of sleep researchers and nutritionists would like to use the investment from the Lions primarily for the further development of the product and further clinical studies. "We are delighted with our successful pitch and the deals withLukas and Felix. This allows us not only to drive forward B・SYNC® ON in the future but also to work on other products that are currently in the pipeline. With the help of further clinical studies, we want to emphasize the effectiveness of our products, focus even more on marketing, expand the B2B business, and find new sales channels," says the co-founder and CEO of Galventa.

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