Galventa wins CHF 150'000 funding from Venture Kick

January 28, 2022

Galventa is on a mission to synchronize the setting of the circadian rhythm and wants to turn night owls (late risers) into early birds (early risers) or vice versa. With its product portfolio of several science-based nutrition products in the sleep segment, the startup aims to empower people struggling with sleep and wake-up problems.

Many people have difficulties waking up. The state of impaired cognitive and sensory-motor performance immediately after waking up is called sleep inertia. Individuals affected by sleep inertia have a strong desire to continue sleeping—the symptoms can last for 15 minutes to several hours. Shift workers or jet-lagged and sleep-deprived people often experience sleep inertia symptoms. Traditional solutions cannot target the body’s wake-up process, as we cannot consume products while asleep.

Galventa provides a solution that makes it easier to get out of bed refreshed. B • SYNC ON is the world’s first clinically proven food supplement that targets the wake-up process and synchronizes the circadian rhythm: The micro pellets are taken before going to bed, but the active ingredients are released hours later to induce the wake-up process.

The Venture Kick funding will contribute to advancing the development of Galventa’s product portfolio and launching B • SYNC ON in different markets. Galventa wants to launch products that address the hallmarks of sleeping and waking up: The startup’s approach is deeply rooted in science, and all products are designed to work together to synchronize the inner clock, induce sleep, and facilitate the wake-up process.

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